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Star Wars Day

Happy May 4th everyone!!

Happy to bring you some Star Wars goodness.

It is my pleasure to announce my first store exclusive cosplay cover! Was very excited that BooKooComixcom has decided to not only carry my book Firebitch but also had me create a cover for today’s celebration.


You know I love to maximize! So I am also making this month be Star Wars based and doing a whole Ahsoka photo set.


Up to the top 3% in just a month! Join my free page and catch up on some of my cosplay work.


Burning Heart is coming! Featuring Ahsoka you will love this Jedi inspired video.


Firebitch issue 2:

Lines are completed for issue 2 and we are super excited to do the finishing touches and send this to you, the fans, as soon as possible! If you have missed this campaign, you can still get it right here:

Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl 2020 Cosplay Calendar

Bring in a new decade with the Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl 2020 Cosplay Calendar! We launched yesterday and funded in five minutes. Thank you so much! Check out the campaign, share it with your friends and lets enjoy all the awesome stretch goals already met with this very successful campaign. Potential pledgers, you are in for a treat. Check out the mouse pads, the covers and that $20,000 stretch goal. πŸ˜‰

Click here to see more!!


January Patreon

Brand new year (sorry a little late) and I hope you are having as good a year as I already am. Still on the high from shipping about 400 items this last month or so and I am gearing up for a fun con season (more on this later).  But I want to make sure you don’t miss out on the January Patreon!! Make sure to check out my sexy roller skate Super Girl. Also, stay tuned for a special teaser later today too.


Merry Christmas

It’s the Cosplays of Christmas past!! Many of these photosets are available for download at  20% off for the holidays! New Shoot will be up later today and all Patrons new and old will be getting one of my exclusive Collector Cards for the month of December!! Now is a great time to join at πŸ™‚  Here is a teaser from this months shoot. There is a special costume change, a kitty cameo and my pet of the month. Remember, I am always trying to do my part to help the animals and patrons are a big part of that. 

Christmas Baking. In 2017 I made peanut Butter Brownies with Santa. These were all passed out to some f my favorite people because Christmas Brownies are meant be shared with friends πŸ™‚
Photog: Alfred Trujillo Photography

Last Christmas  I gave you my heart and this Black Cat Christmas cosplay. Circa 2018. BTW I made this costume from Krampus’ Cape. My pug adjacent rescue dog made the cut for that shoot.  I adopted her from a local animal shelter in late 20I4. She instantly loved me from behind the glass. The shelter wouldn’t let me adopt her at that time due to  a nasty infection over her eye and they didn’t know what it was. I called every day until they said she was clear and then immediately went to the shelter to get her. One of the requirements was that you bring any other dogs to be sure they got along. My bigger dog loved this pup as well and goobered her up by putting her tiny chug head into her golden-doodle mouth. They still didn’t want to let me take her claiming that someone had been calling about her (yea, me). They did finally let me adopt her. They named her Petunia but that just didn’t fit. Charlie was my first choice for a name but that has since evolved into Damnit Charles. She has been my cuddly baby ever since. 
Photog; Alfred Trujillo Photography

This was a fun 2014 impromptu photoshoot with Bald Pirate Photography. He invited me to assist with another shoot and I was fortunate to join in the fun both in front of and behind the scenes:)

2014 This Gingerbread girl was the brainchild of my good friend Momo Nicola. She found it online and we both loved it. Another big name cosplayer wore this same dress that year for her Christmas themed shoot as well. How embarrassing!! This was the first Christmas card that I had made and sent out to many of the wonderful people who have been fans and supporters. I did this for 2 years but it ultimately backfired. It turns out that many of you have your mail sent to your place of employment, have nosy neighbors, or significant others who frown on these postcards. I still send out postcards but only with crowdfunding events and many times they go into packages rather than being sent by themselves.
Photog: Alvin Johnson Photography

Krampus was a super fun Christmas cosplay. I wore this at the Phoenix Fan Fest and it was my second Holiday postcard. The suit was hand painted and made by me for this Christmas event.
Photog: Alfred Trujillo Photography





For starters, HUGE reveal of me and Alfred Trujillo’s La Muerta Retribution Firepower Edition cover! Proud. Excited. Incredibly honored! Brian Pulido of Lady Death fame is an amazing creator and I am anxious to see this at comic stores this August. Order this book at your local comic book store and share the Previews link to make sure we get the word out! 


This last weekend I did a store opening in the beautiful town of Cheyenne Wyoming along with Alfred Trujillo and Iron Maiden artist Derek Riggs. 

Check out their facebook: 

Watch video of me on their local news! 


I have three very cool and sexy photoshoots coming. I am going above and beyond for you guys this month! One of these shoots features my bestie Colleen Cole!! This will be a two photoshoot month but I am throwing in there an extra one for you because I <3 you!!!


NEXT…prints are coming! I picked them up from the printer today and I started going through and signing but they will likely need to wait for Monday because I have to get on a plane in a couple hours as this weekend I will be out of town. you will recieve 2 months together in your packages. Powergirl and Patriotika. Still! Wanted to give you an update and thank you for your patience. and orders will be going out soon too!


DENVER COMIC CON! Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday!! Find me with Toymagnus at booth 1200! I will be debuting a new costume this weekend. Stay tuned to see what else I wear πŸ™‚

Next week SMALLVILLE COMIC CON where I am excited see Dean Cain again and see a lot of you loyal fans <3

Then! DUKE CITY COMIC CON! I can’t wait to visit the Albuquerque community and enjoy their amazing cosplay skills.

Lastly (for this update) I have SAN DIEGO COMIC CON! Who knows what I will be up to there! Watch for me to post where I will be at, find me and come give me a high five,and a hug!

Questions, recommendations, etc LET ME KNOW! I Love hearing from you.

It's not all cosplay…

Yes, I am a “cosplayer” but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing I do. I find it interesting that when I post a pic to social media I will often get the question “is that a character” or “does this mean you will be doing X-character”, or even “you should do a mash up of x and x”. To be honest, it makes me facepalm sometimes. I do other things besides cosplay. I am also a person myself and as such can and will be photographed as such. I am also a colorist. That means I will be coloring art pieces that I am hired to color and that has nothing to do with my cosplay. I am a model. As such, I am hired to model the wares of other people and/or companies. It also means that I need to practice my craft and build a portfolio. I often sing. that is not cosplay and it does not need to be cosplay.

So, as much as I adore cosplay, if you see me NOT in character, it’s probably because I am not in character. And that’s OK.

So here are some pics of the many other things I do that are not cosplay.