For starters, HUGE reveal of me and Alfred Trujillo’s La Muerta Retribution Firepower Edition cover! Proud. Excited. Incredibly honored! Brian Pulido of Lady Death fame is an amazing creator and I am anxious to see this at comic stores this August. Order this book at your local comic book store and share the Previews link to make sure we get the word out! https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/JUN181632#.WyKhHaN7AHY.facebook 


This last weekend I did a store opening in the beautiful town of Cheyenne Wyoming along with Alfred Trujillo and Iron Maiden artist Derek Riggs. 

Check out their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CollectorsHubWY/ 

Watch video of me on their local news! 



I have three very cool and sexy photoshoots coming. I am going above and beyond for you guys this month! One of these shoots features my bestie Colleen Cole!! This will be a two photoshoot month but I am throwing in there an extra one for you because I <3 you!!!


NEXT…prints are coming! I picked them up from the printer today and I started going through and signing but they will likely need to wait for Monday because I have to get on a plane in a couple hours as this weekend I will be out of town. you will recieve 2 months together in your packages. Powergirl and Patriotika. Still! Wanted to give you an update and thank you for your patience. http://183degreestudio.com and http://183degree.storenvy.com orders will be going out soon too!


DENVER COMIC CON! Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday!! Find me with Toymagnus at booth 1200! I will be debuting a new costume this weekend. Stay tuned to see what else I wear 🙂

Next week SMALLVILLE COMIC CON where I am excited see Dean Cain again and see a lot of you loyal fans <3

Then! DUKE CITY COMIC CON! I can’t wait to visit the Albuquerque community and enjoy their amazing cosplay skills.

Lastly (for this update) I have SAN DIEGO COMIC CON! Who knows what I will be up to there! Watch for me to post where I will be at, find me and come give me a high five,and a hug!

Questions, recommendations, etc LET ME KNOW! I Love hearing from you.

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