Star Wars Day

Happy May 4th everyone!!

Happy to bring you some Star Wars goodness.

It is my pleasure to announce my first store exclusive cosplay cover! Was very excited that BooKooComixcom has decided to not only carry my book Firebitch but also had me create a cover for today‚Äôs celebration.


You know I love to maximize! So I am also making this month be Star Wars based and doing a whole Ahsoka photo set.


Up to the top 3% in just a month! Join my free page and catch up on some of my cosplay work.


Burning Heart is coming! Featuring Ahsoka you will love this Jedi inspired video.


Firebitch issue 2:

Lines are completed for issue 2 and we are super excited to do the finishing touches and send this to you, the fans, as soon as possible! If you have missed this campaign, you can still get it right here:

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