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AZPowergirl, also known as Cara Nicole, is a world-renowned cosplay sensation and a talented artist in the world of comics.

Not only has she appeared on national television and in print ads, but she has also worked for Marvel and Big City Comics at San Diego Comicon, and even served as the model for Magic: The Gathering’s Emmara Tandris card. In addition to her cosplay career, Cara is also a spokesperson, actress, comic book writer, editor, colorist, and the co-founder and co-owner of 183 Degree Studio.

But Cara’s success hasn’t gone to her head – she remains committed to giving back to her community through charity events, especially those involving children or blood drives. She is also a mentor to many up-and-coming cosplayers, sharing her expertise through panels on cosplay safety and the business of cosplay.

Known for her beauty, brains, and talent, Cara is also known for her compassionate heart and positive attitude. She is admired by her peers as being intellectual, humorous, and a pleasure to be around, despite her diva-like tendencies.

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